The National Teaching Council (NTC) has opened the online application portal for this year’s Ghana Teacher Prize entries. The Council is one of the agencies under the Ministry of Education established under the 2008 Education Act 778 as amended in the Education regulatory bodies Act 2020, 1023 to professionalize teaching in Ghana.
One of the key functions of the Council is to organize the Ghana Teacher Prize. This year’s Ghana Teacher Prize will be the 28th edition since its establishment in 1995 and the 6th since its rebranding from Best Teacher Award to Ghana Teacher Prize in 2018 to conform to global standards.

The Ghana Teachers Prize aims to celebrate and honor teachers and education workers for their efforts in contributing to Ghana’s education sector.

The Prize is open to all professionally trained and licensed teachers currently working in the pre-tertiary education space (both public and private) and who have been teaching for not less than five (5) years.

The categories for this year’s Ghana Teacher Prize include:

1. Teaching (Pre-tertiary)
2. Teacher in Administration and Leadership (Pre-tertiary)
3. Non-Teaching (Pre-tertiary)
4. Best College Tutor (College of Education)

Applications for the Ghana Teacher Prize will be judged based on a rigorous set of criteria to select a teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.

Interested applicants should apply through the following links:
1. https://forms.gle/6Rok8xA6izrgLS2U9 (Teaching)
2. https://forms.gle/FvyRd9KLG99qEn2y8 (Teacher in leadership and administration)
3. https://forms.gle/rMpvqk8fddYAxosz5 ( Non-teaching)
4. https://forms.gle/ivsgChUaix97SZbn8 ( College Tutor)

All applicants are expected to adhere strictly to the attached selection criteria. The deadline for application is 31st May 2023.

Story: Public Relations Unit, National Teaching Council